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About Us

Welcome to Montagu and Amber, a captivating mother and daughter venture nestled in the heart of Windsor, Berkshire. We pour our hearts and souls into crafting an exquisite collection of high-quality, affordable British handmade products that will truly enchant you.

Sustainability and ethics are at the very core of our small local business. Each candle is lovingly handpoured in small batches right here on-site, using 100% Natural Wax that's free from paraffin and leaves no trace of black smoke. You can enjoy the gentle flicker of our candles, knowing you're making an environmentally friendly choice.

But that's not all! Our Monoluxe marbled effect pots are a feast for the eyes and they're recyclable too. Give them a new lease of life as homes for your cherished plants, stylish pen holders, or whatever your imagination desires. And here's an extra treat—we offer discounted refills, making sustainability both affordable and convenient.

Step into our enchanting world of products, where every creation carries the warmth of our mother and daughter bond.


Have questions or craving a collaboration? Reach out to us, and let's weave magic together. We're also proud to supply local UK shops, spreading our passion for sustainable luxury far and wide.

Experience the Montagu and Amber difference and indulge in the beauty we've poured into every handmade treasure. 

House Plants and Candle
About Us: About Us
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