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Seasonal Scents 

At Montagu & Amber we've meticulously curated a splendid collection of festive fragrances, each chosen to transform your home into a captivating winter wonderland. Each scent we offer tells a unique story and creates moments of magic.


We're here to help you celebrate and cherish the holidays in the most aromatic and memorable way possible. Explore our scent descriptions to find the perfect fragrance that will make your holiday season unforgettable, and let the magic begin!

Camp Fire

Fireside Crackle

Snuggle up to the comforting aroma of a warm, crackling fire. Crisp bergamot and floral spices dance on a cozy wood base, creating the ultimate atmosphere of comfort and joy.

Frankincense & Myrrh

Experience opulent elegance with this captivating holiday symphony. Bergamot, lily of the valley, and musky notes blend together, promising a truly magical and enchanting ambiance.

Image by Maximilian Müller
Image by Hannah Pemberton

Winter Spiced Orange

Relive the joy of festive home decorating with the fruity and spicy notes of Winter Spiced Orange. This scent will evoke a cheerful and comforting atmosphere that's perfect for sharing special moments with loved ones.

Midnight Mistletoe

Embrace the magic of Christmas with the soothing blend of pine, cinnamon, and precious woods. Let this fragrance transport you to a world of festive romance and holiday wonder.

Image by Matt Seymour
Christmas Vibes

Winters Night

Wish upon a star with this snuggle-worthy aroma. A festive blend of citrus, spice, and precious woods will create the perfect atmosphere for cozy, memorable moments.

Christmas Tree

Rediscover the joy of pine forest afternoons with our rejuvenating fragrance. The intense green and woody aromas burst forth, filling your space with uplifting freshness and the scent of holiday nostalgia.

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Donnie Rosie

White Christmas

Transport yourself to a snowy Christmas wonderland. This fragrance, blending sweet fruits, green notes, and a touch of warming spice, will envelop your home in the magic of a white Christmas.

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